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Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Diet MOT

I would always advise that a full nutritional therapist consultation is ideal so that I can best understand your full health profile before providing recommendations. However, if this isn’t for you but you are still looking for a nutrition review then a Diet MOT may be right for you.

In advance of your 45-minute on-line consultation I will ask you to provide a 5-day diet diary for analysis alongside completing a simple diet focussed questionnaire. Using this information, I will flag potential nutritional gaps and during our consultation delve deeper into your dietary trends. I will provide you with personal, achievable dietary recommendations (in a written report) to take away, based on healthy nutrition principles coupled with guidance handouts to help you achieve these.

This consultation does not cover health issues but is ideal if you have minimal health challenges and are looking for a diet review with tailored guidance to ensure your nutrition is on-track for optimum health.

If you are unsure if a diet MOT or a full nutritional therapy one-one consultation is for you then sign up for a FREE no obligation discovery call first or book your diet MOT

Healthy assortment of yellow foods
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