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Test Tubes

Functional Testing

Functional tests help understand how well the body is functioning and whilst not essential, in some cases can help provide further evidence or confirmation of a client's status.  They can identify possible nutritional, biochemical and metabolic imbalances, as well as pathogens that may be present and are driving signs and symptoms. These are not diagnostic tests but aim to help optimise your health.

I only work with accredited laboratories including the likes of Genova laboratories, Lifecode GX, Medichecks, Regenerus Labs. Most samples are obtained at home via urine, saliva, stool and blood finger prick tests via at-home testing kits that I am able to order on your behalf.

I will only suggest testing where I believe there is a justifiable benefit and I will always discuss with you your budget constraints in advance.  Some tests can be obtained via your GP but others range significantly in price – the cost of testing is in addition to your consultation fees but results interpretation is included in your follow-up sessions. Some clients may have insurance to cover testing. There is no obligation to undertake these tests.

There are many different tests available but some examples of more commonly used tests include:

- GUT health testing including stool testing, SIBO breath tests - can help understand GUT bacteria balance; presence of any parasites, yeasts and pathogenic bacteria or the absence of essential ‘good’ bacteria, as well as inflammation.

- Nutritional panels e.g., Serum vitamin D, can help understand vitamin, mineral or amino acid levels in your body.

- Metabolic tests e.g., Organic Acids Test, can better understand the efficiency of cellular processes and metabolic function as well as chronic fatigue evaluation and cardiovascular risk assessments.

- Hormonal testing e.g., Thyroid panels, The Dutch Test (Dried Urine Test Cortisol and Hormones), Adrenal stress test, can help understand hormone levels and imbalances in the body.

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