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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based approach to nutrition and lifestyle, looking at the potential root causes of health issues, as opposed to focusing on symptoms.

Practitioners gather information to assess each individual's health status identifying potential nutritional imbalances and other stressors that may be driving presenting symptoms. The primary focus is to use diet and dietary habit changes to optimise health and wellness. I do not diagnose or treat diseases, but I often work alongside other healthcare professionals to best support our clients. 

My recommendations are focused on dietary (and lifestyle) changes, and where appropriate I may suggest supplements to support particular nutritional imbalances. Where beneficial I may suggest you undergo further testing - in many cases, these may be blood or urine samples via your GP (without cost), but sometimes I may suggest optional private investigative lab testing as an option to gain further information to tailor your individual protocol.


Nutritional therapy
diet BANT

Clients visit nutritional therapists for many different reasons ranging from managing general well-being, to improving specific health complaints or perhaps to support in reaching specific goal. Some common areas of focus include;

-       ​General health and well-being

-       Digestive Health 

-       Low energy and fatigue

-       Hormonal imbalances

-       Blood sugar dysregulation

-       Skin conditions

-       Women’s health

-       Mid-life and ageing health

-       Fertility

-       Weight management

-       Mental health

-       Inflammatory and autoimmune conditions

-       Low immunity

-       Stress management

-       Sleep problems

-       Children’s nutrition

-       Sports training support

If you are unsure if nutritional therapy is for you sign up for a FREE discovery call and I can answer your questions with no further obligation. 

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