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Healthy Food

Pre-appointment information

In advance of your initial consultation, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire and a 3-day food diary so that we can best focus our time together during the appointment. The questionnaire will include details of your medical history, family medical history, any current and historic medication, current supplements (if any), exercise and lifestyle. 

Free 15-minute Discovery Call

I recommend all potential clients book a FREE 15-minute discovery call. There is no obligation to book an appointment afterwards but it gives us both a chance to discuss your goals, answer any questions you have regarding seeing a nutritional therapist and my own approach as well as understanding which nutrition programme might be right for you should you wish to book a further appointment.


As with all our consultations, these discussions are entirely confidential.

One-One Consultations

Initial Consultation

All clients will start with an initial consultation (approximately 75 minutes) where I will first understand your goals and primary objectives you want to take away from my sessions. I will take a detailed case history building on the pre-appointment questionnaire. This will include; discussing your medical history; any on-going health problems or presenting symptoms; current medications and supplements; review of recent blood or relevant tests, plus an understanding of your general lifestyle.


By the end of this consultation, I will have an understanding of the factors that may be impacting your current health to be able to develop your personalised recommendations.


You will receive a unique evidence-based personal nutrition and lifestyle plan that will include;

  • Realistic evidence-based dietary modifications

  • Lifestyle suggestions to support your overall wellbeing

  • Supplement recommendations where appropriate (and where you are happy to take them).

  • Referrals and recommendations for investigative testing where appropriate. Many tests can be undertaken with your GP without cost. To understand more click here.


There is not a one size fits all approach and for some clients just a few initial changes will be appropriate. For others, I may recommend more complex protocols over a period of time depending on their own specific situation and goals.


These consultations are offered on-line (nationally) or I can organise in person (within SW London and Surrey) either at your home, a clinic space or an alternative location.

Follow-up Consultation

Follow-up consultations are normally held 3-4 weeks after your initial consultation. We will review your progress, understand any new symptoms and status of existing symptoms and overall health, as well as discussing any challenges you have had. I will build on your nutrition and lifestyle plan modifying as necessary so you stay on track to achieve your goals.


For some clients an initial and follow-up consultation will be sufficient to put them on track without further consultations. Depending on your own individual situation and desired level of support, you may need one, two or several more follow-up consultations, or  longer-term programme may be appropriate. For further information on these programmes click here. These programmes also offer on-going Whatsapp and email support during the duration of the programme as well as shorter check-in calls.


Please note follow-up consultations are only bookable after having completed an initial consultation.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu
Healthy Food
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