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Pill Variety


Ultimately, my focus is dietary and lifestyle interventions but at times these alone may not be sufficient, so with your agreement, supplements may be recommended. They can help bridge nutritional gaps whilst you are implementing changes to your diet over time, or maybe required where you have a specific deficiency identified through investigative testing.


Evidence-based supplement protocols may be particularly helpful for certain health conditions and to support functional imbalances that are driving poor health.


There are significant differences in the quality, format, dosage, and efficacy of supplements available to buy. This can be very confusing as a consumer. I will only recommend good quality, ethical supplement companies that minimize the use of fillers, E-numbers and other nasties and ensure that we are mindful of any budget limitations or dietary requirements (e.g. vegan) in our recommendations.


Supplements can interact with medications so it is important that I am aware of any medications you are taking to ensure there are no interactions. For on-going medications, you should ensure your medical practitioner is aware of your supplement regime and if there is any doubt regarding interactions, I will not suggest supplements.


Your supplement protocol should be regularly reviewed and in most cases is not a long-term solution.


As a client of Kyklos Nutrition, you will be able to take advantage of our supplement discounts provided to you with your nutrition and lifestyle plan.

It is important to note,

  • Supplements should be taken under the guidance of a doctor or registered nutritional therapist

  • Anyone taking prescription medication should inform their GP before taking supplements

  • Practitioners must be made aware of any medications, existing supplements or allergies

  • Taking different supplements together could result in excessive doses of common ingredients. Existing or new supplements must be discussed with the practitioner

  • Supplement programmes must be reviewed at least every 3 months

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